Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nudity for Opera Buffs

When it is as hot as it has been lately in many parts of the northern hemisphere, getting naked seems the thing to do. At least for everyday people. If they are opera singers who appear in certain European theaters and, more rarely, in North American ones, they might be asked to perform at any time of the year without clothes in productions in which nudity is requested by the stage director.

Before I lay bare the reasons for this, let me issue a warning: If your sensibilities are offended by the sight of nudity, do not click open any of the links in this article. And if you are under 18 years old, please have your parents read this article first and ask them whether they think it is appropriate for you to see it (that goes for you too, Opera Teen).  Read more

World Choir Games in Ohio draw 15,000 participants

The world's largest and most prominent choir competition is coming to a close in southwest Ohio.
Organizers behind the World Choir Games in Cincinnati say several major events have sold out during the last week and a half as they now prepare to award several groups Friday in a variety of categories including barbershop and show choir.

The games began July 4 and will have featured 15,000 participants from more than 60 countries. It's the first time the games, held every two years, have been hosted in the United States.  More

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Flash Choir' Debuts Philip Glass Piece in Times Square

At first, the tourists passing through Times Square were captivated by the giant video screens hanging overhead and the usual chaos of midtown. But soon they moved their attention, and cell phone cameras, to the “flash choir” that had formed in the pedestrian island at Father Duffy Square as part of Make Music Day on June 21.

Between hugs and introductory handshakes, famed choral conductor Kent Tritle handed out signs atop sticks that said “Bass” and “Sopranos.” Prompted by a call to action from NPR, the singers organized into their vocal groups and quickly scanned the score for “The New Rule,” a new choral piece by Philip Glass commissioned by NPR. Without any auditions, these amateur and professional singers, perhaps even a few pedestrians swept up in the moment, would all be part of its world premiere.  Read More & Watch the Video Here