Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome to Guido's Hand

Welcome to Guido’s Hand, the blog of the Oberlin Conservatory Library.We are fond of the symbol derived from the music theory treatise of Guido d’Arezzo, an Italian music theorist active a millennium ago, for whom our blog is named. Famous for developing a system of pitch notation, Guido codified the syllables (ut re me fa sol la) and associated them with the hand, using it as a tool to illustrate pitch distances for those learning to sing. The hand is also a well-known Native American symbol reflecting “presence” or “being there,” as well as achievement or the recognition of creative spirit flowing through humanity. We feel this is the perfect symbol to represent our new vehicle for delivering news and information directly related to our library, the world of music, and all stops in between. Visit us often!

Deborah Campana,
Conservatory Librarian

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