Thursday, April 5, 2007

Search Fatigue - researching a work of music

Need help researching a work of music? Follow these steps for search success:
1. Grove Music Online

2. OBIS look for BOOKS. Your piece may be featured in a book or chapter of a book.
Be sure you look for composer biographies may include analysis of compositions. Use the index!

3. OBIS remember RECORDINGS and their Liner notes!

4. Online Databases of Journals: Music Index, RILM, RIPM

5. Online Databases of Journals with FULL TEXT : JSTOR, IIPM, EJC

6. Bio-Bibliographies (Con Reference ML 134). Bio-bibliographies are research guide, with comprehensive, descriptive lists of compositions, performances, books, and articles by or about the composer. These are shelved by composer’s last name, e.g. Shostakovich is under ML 134 .S.