Friday, May 9, 2008

Vivaldi Werkverzeichnis - new in the reference collection !

REF ML 134.V7 R98 2007

Peter Ryom’s Vivaldi Work Catalogue isthe result of decades of research and critical source studies conducted by the author. For the first time ever, it contains all the works of Antonio Vivaldi with musical incipits and all essential information on the origin, transmission, publication and reception of the works. It also consistently maintains the numbering of the “Kleine Ausgabe” (Short Edition) of 1974; the works since discovered were given the new numbers RV 751 to RV 809.

Vivaldi’s works are organized differently in the two main sections of the catalogue. The instrumental works are subdivided according to settings and follow one another within the various sub-chapters according to key. The vocal works are arranged according to genre, and within each genre alphabetically according to titles or text incipits. An exception here are the oratorios and Psalms which are organized chronologically; the Psalms are listed according to their Vulgate numbering. In the Appendix there are bibliographical overviews, a concordance with other Vivaldi catalogues (Pincherle, Fanna)and detailed registers which help make Vivaldi’s vast oeuvreaccessible from every perspective.