Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real thing or a tourist copy?

The Conservatory Library is pleased to have on display a collection of instruments, curated by Professor Rod Knight. The display consists of pairs of instruments, the real thing and a tourist copy. According to Prof. Knight, "The prize for me is the one in this photo--a block of wood with 3 holes. It was made by a student in my instruments class in 1978, and she just sent it to me to put in the collection. It might be the only one in the USA. The photos of it, on which she based her model, are from 1912, and it was already rare then."

The Roderic C. Knight Musical Instrument Collection is available online and is devoted to organology (the scientific study of musical instruments) as well as the stories about the instruments in the collection. The companion blog for his instrument collection can be seen here

We hope you stop in and take a look at this rare exhibit. Special thanks to Prof. Knight for curating this fabulous exhibit.