Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soprano Bella lose court case over earsplitting wedding performance

When lifelong opera fans Virginia and Alan Lynch complained to the Guardian's consumer champions last year about an entertainment company that had ruined their wedding reception, we suggested they go to the small claims court to get back the £2,500 they had paid for the 30-minute performance.
The couple argued that the voices of three Soprano Bella singers were amplified so much some members of the audience had to put their fingers in their ears. This, they said, had ruined their big day at London's exclusive Chandos House in September 2010. It was made worse by the fact that the generous fee had included a £250 supplement to hire one of the company's own sound technicians to help ensure a "perfect performance".
Mrs Lynch told us at the time: "To my dismay … it was deafening. A guest had tried to turn down the volume, only for the sound technician to turn it up again. The singers' voices were very good, but the whole thing was ruined by over-amplification."  Read More Here