Friday, February 15, 2013

Berlin's Lutosławski Tribute kicks off with Dvořák

RebeccaSchmid_7-6-12From Berlin Times by Rebecca Schmid 

The Berlin Philharmonic is celebrating the centenary of Lutosławski with several concerts this month. The first of the series on February 7-featuring his Concert for Orchestra-opened appropriately with Anne-Sophie Mutter, who premiered one of his most important works, Chain Two, in 1988. In an interview I conducted two years ago, the violinist recalled how seeing the score triggered a passion for contemporary music which she continues to nurture. Her appearance at the Philharmonie alongside guest conductor Manfred Honeck took an unrelated historic twist with a performance of Dvořák's Romance in F-minor, although the Czech composer's innovative integration of folk music can be seen to have foreshadowed composers such as Bartok and Lutosławski. The last violinist to perform this work with the Philharmonic is Carl Flesch, in 1909. As Mutter also explained to me, she considers herself a kind of 'great-grandchild' of the legendary violinist given that Flesch taught her mentor Aida Stücki.