Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cellist Julian Lloyd Webber 'Devastated' Over End of Career

The cellist Julian Lloyd Webber said on Monday that he is being forced to retire from performing due to a herniated disc in his neck, which has impacted his ability to use his right arm.

Lloyd Webber, the 63-year-old brother of Andrew Lloyd Webber, made the announcement on his website. He is expected to perform on Friday with the English Chamber Orchestra and with his wife, cellist Jiaxin Lloyd Webber. After that, he said, "my cello will fall silent."

“I am devastated," said Lloyd Webber. "There were so many exciting plans that cannot now come to fruition. I have had an immensely fulfilling career and feel privileged to have worked with so many great musicians and orchestras but now I have to move on." more