Friday, October 30, 2015

Coppock Retiring from St. Paul; Limbacher Exiting Cleveland Orchestra


Bruce Coppock, president and managing director of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, has announced that he will retire in January after 11 very productive years in the job. His position will be divided between John Limbacher, current chief development officer of the Cleveland Orchestra, and SPCO principal second violin Kyu-Young Kim, also senior director of artistic planning. Limbacher will tend to the administrative end of the St. Paul operation and Kim the artistic.

Limbacher is the fourth key player to exit Cleveland in recent months.

Coppock, 64, led the orchestra from 1999 to 2008; he was forced to resign when diagnosed with bile duct cancer. He managed to survive the usually fatal disease and returned to the orchestra in 2013. He and Limbacher have been working together since 1995, when Coppock was head of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. The best news is, he is retiring in good health.